The Kindergarten school day begins at 8:15am and concludes at 2:55pm, with the time between scheduled to influence learning in the most positive way for each child.  This is the year that they come to school in uniforms.  The kindergarten classrooms are self-contained in the Early Childhood corridor of the Anne MacGregor Jenkins Lower School.

Although the units of study align with national standards in the respective areas, the hands-on program promotes growth through a variety of challenging, interesting and fun activities that are integrated across the curriculum. Organizational skills are consistent through all of the grades and subject matter as children use Thinking Maps.  The emphasis is as follows:


English and Language Arts

Our language arts program provides opportunities for Kindergarten students to explore written and verbal language through multi-sensory learning experiences.  Students demonstrate this learning progression by identifying, writing, and sequencing the alphabet; then reading and creating entire stories.  The language arts program stresses phonological and phonemic awareness, reading and responding, and developing reading and listening comprehension skills.  Students read and write individually and with partners from other grade levels.  A personal learning design is developed for each student to achieve maximum success.



Through daily activities and games, problem solving skills are strengthened as students work individually, with partners, and through small groups. Critical thinking skills are also developed by working with manipulatives and using practical tools to measure, weigh, and determine capacity.  It is a proud moment when the child can tell time, identify coins and their value, and read the temperature.



The Kindergarten science program builds upon our students' natural curiosity and sense of adventure by providing time, structures, and skills to investigate their questions.  Field trips, hands-on experiments, resource material, and expert visitors make science and technology vital parts of the Kindergarten curriculum.  They explore life science through animal and plant studies; grasp earth science concepts including environmental and weather-related issues; find out about the properties of objects in physical science; and identify and celebrate good health practices.  They also learn how to find scientific information on kid-friendly, safe websites.  The Outdoor Classroom offers additional hands-on learning opportunities.


Social Studies

Kindergarten social studies comes to life with songs, poems, stories, maps, and globes.  The progression is from the individual to the community, to the nation, and finally to the world.  Children's unique qualities and similarities to others are stressed.  In addition, relationships with others in the classroom and the school become sources for social studies learning.  Social interactions are a big part of the program.  Students begin to learn about their role as citizens by accepting rights and responsibilities in the classroom and by learning about rules and laws.  Studies are connected with celebrations of personal favorites, feelings, families, responsibilities, and manners.  Holidays and traditions from different cultures are recognized, especially honoring those represented in the ancestry of school families.


Special Areas

The Anne MacGregor Jenkins Lower School believes learning experiences outside of the traditional academic areas are equally important.  To this end, all students from preschool through grade 5 are scheduled for various special area classes including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, physical education, general music, choir, art, computer, and media.

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