Grade 2


The second grade school day begins at 8:15am and concludes at 2:55pm, with the time between scheduled to influence learning in the most positive way for each child.  The second grade classrooms are self-contained with a targeted enrollment of 18 students per class.  Although the units of study align with national standards in the respective areas, the hands-on program promotes growth through a variety of challenging, interesting and fun activities that are integrated across the curriculum. The emphasis is as follows:


Language Arts

Second grade language arts promotes the love of reading as well as the mastery of the skills necessary for reading fluency, comprehension, and expressive writing.  Reading growth is realized through shared, guided, and independent approaches.  Students are exposed to many types of literature, including the introduction to classic novels, poetry, biographies, and nonfiction.  Second graders meet writing expectations through a process of modeling and mapping followed by individual and partner writing and editing.  Final published pieces are illustrated and orally presented during chapel programs and classroom lessons.  Spelling instruction is both direct from high frequency lists and indirect with personal words for each individual corresponding to current work being done in different areas.



Students have the opportunity for daily hands-on mathematical experiences as well as group and individual instruction. Concepts such as computation, measurement, fractions, geometry, time and money spiral through the year providing an opportunity for children to gain proficiency.



Second grade earth science studies include environmental issues, the earth's layers, the sun and solar energy, and rocks and caves.  Physical science addresses weather, heat, light, sound, force, machines, and magnets.  Life science covers animal life cycles, human bodies, and plants.  Good health practices are continually stressed, and students enjoy finding scientific information on kid-friendly, safe sites on the computer.


Social Studies 

In second grade, social studies closely integrates global awareness and exploring geographical concepts while gaining an appreciation of the world.  Students focus on a review of the continents and oceans while understanding their location within the world.  In addition, the students learn of critical events in history that formed the United States and how those events helped to shape their community, state, and country's culture, diversity, geography, government, history, and economics.


Special Areas

The Anne MacGregor Jenkins Lower School believes learning experiences outside of the traditional academic areas are equally important.  To this end, all students from preschool through grade 5 are scheduled for various special area classes including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, physical education, general music, choir, art, computer, and media.

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