Grade 4


The fourth grade year marks a more defined departmental concept in preparation for Middle School.  With a school day spanning the hours from 8:15am to 2:55pm, the sections rotate among classrooms for academics and additional learning spaces for enrichment.  Units of study align with national standards in the respective areas and are carefully designed to encourage higher-level questioning, critical thinking, and problem solving.  The emphasis is on:


Language Arts

With a comprehensive approach to having the skills within the language arts scope and sequence applied in all areas, the focus is moving away from "reading" and toward inquiry.  Literature, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar are still developing in fourth grade; but the emphasis shifts to critical thinking and a more deliberate process.  Literature circles of small groups cultivate the love of reading.  Developing and enhancing the consistent use of correct grammar and mechanics is a priority.  The students are given many opportunities to write personal and imaginative narrative, expository, poetry, and reports.  The writing process is practiced throughout the curriculum through a process of modeling and mapping followed by writing and editing.  Published pieces are often illustrated and become part of the student portfolio.



Fourth graders experience group and individual instruction, stressing the basic skills while enhancing problem solving and mental math skills.  The program is organized into the various strands of numbers and number sense; fractions, decimals, ratios and percent; computation; measurement; and geometry.  Students revisit topics within each strand several times through the year.



Fourth grade Earth science studies include environmental issues, weather, earthquakes, and volcanoes.  Physical science addresses properties of matter.  Life science focuses on the steps of the scientific method, microscopes, and the human body.  Good health practices are taught with an emphasis on bullying prevention.  Students enjoy working in the science lab and Outdoor Classroom.


Social Studies 

The social studies curriculum in fourth grade includes a review of regions and states in the United States.  This study sets the stage for an in-depth look into Florida geography and the historical events that have shaped our home state.  Lessons integrate with the whole curriculum while stressing deeper understandings of current events, citizenship, economics, geography, and government for the State of Florida.  Students have the opportunity to delve beyond the United States through an interactive Medieval Times unit that culminates with a day of festivities.


Special Areas

The Anne MacGregor Jenkins Lower School believes learning experiences outside of the traditional academic areas are equally important.  To this end, all students from preschool through grade 5 are scheduled for various special area classes including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, physical education, general music, choir, strings, art, computer, and media.

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