Grade 5


In fifth grade, national standards in the respective areas are met as growth for each individual is realized through a variety of challenging, cross-curricular activities.  The homeroom classes rotate for different academic subjects, supplemented by the special area courses.  Tremendous strides are made in fifth grade not online in academic learning, but also in time management, character development, and organizational responsibilities.  Fifth graders are in the unique position of setting the example for those in the younger grades while preparing themselves for the transition to Middle School.


English Language Arts and Social Studies

This integrated English language arts, and social studies course is designed to meet or exceed national standards for literacy in English language arts, social studies/history, and technology.  To assist the students in meeting or exceeding these standards, they engage in a variety of purposeful activities and learning experiences that encompass the numerous facets of reading comprehension (fiction and nonfiction), oral and silent reading fluency, writing concepts and skills, writing conventions, language, vocabulary development, speaking and listening skills, critical literacy skills, as well as lessons that develop and support the students' media literacy.

In social studies, history and geography come alive as the students explore the following units of study: the European Renaissance, the Reformation, England: Golden Age to Glorious Revolution, the Age of Exploration, Westward Expansion Before and After the Civil War, the American Civil War, and Native Americans: Cultures and Conflicts.  The students participate in simulations, theatrical productions, historical re-enactments, and field trips that enhance the curriculum.  Furthermore, the students will be immersed in the on-going study of geography to cultivate their geo-literacy skills.



The fifth grade curriculum encourages students to view mathematics as an avenue for strengthening their problem solving ability.  When searching for solutions, the creation of multiple strategies and thinking outside the box are often the result.  Students collaborate in group studies and follow individualized plans as they build on their foundational skills of computation with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.  Geometric concepts are broadened to include measuring in standard and metric systems.  Focus expands to include a pre-algebra program called Hands-On Equations.  A favorite fifth grade field trip is the economic enterprise at Enterprise Village where students assume the roles of both employee and consumer, thus learning our free enterprise system firsthand.



Curiosity and keen observation are the qualities stressed in fifth grade science.  Whether working in the Outdoor Classroom or conducting an experiment in the science lab, students are given opportunities to appreciate their world, to understand the laws and processes governing it, and to develop a desire to maintain delicate balance.  Matter, forces, energy, and motion are emphasized in physical science.  Life science studies begin with microscopic organisms, investigating the unique systems of the human body, and stressing the importance of making healthy life choices.  The creation and maintenance of eco-columns, which are replicas of an ecosystem, just might be the most memorable unit of study in fifth grade.


Special Areas

The Anne MacGregor Jenkins Lower School believes learning experiences outside of the traditional academic areas are equally important.  To this end, all students from preschool through grade 5 are scheduled for various special area classes including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, physical education, general music, choir, strings, art, computer, and media.

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